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November 2, 1998

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Shawn Phillips to celebrate largest CD re-release in pop music .

For the first time in decades, Shawn Phillips and his fans can put away their worn out vinyl records and celebrate getting (8) of those discs on CD. According to record company insiders, this is one of the largest catalogs to be re-released in popular music. The entire Phillips's repertoire is valued to be worth an estimated 30 million dollars.

Austin, Texas based singer-songwriter, Phillips recorded 17 albums and released three anthologies spanning a 30 year musical career. Nine records were recorded on A&M (1970-1978). Five more records found five other major labels: Capitol, EMI, PolyGram RCA and Chameleon (1979-1988).

The album "Second Contribution" is certified by the RIAA as multiplatinum.

Three albums charted on Billboard's top 100 albums in the 1970's, Faces, Furthermore and Do You Wonder. Phillips singles made the charts too: We, Bright White and Lost Horizon. Altogether, Phillips sold several million records. Music critics consider him an originator of the progressive folk-rock sound.

The historic re-release of records happened via a Shawn Phillips web site in Minnesota (, Arlo Hennings, his manager persistence, with the help of Phillips' fan club, Early Morning Hours, and the New York State based, Wounded Bird Records. Together, they negotiated the re-release of 8 recordings: I'm A Loner, Shawn, Contribution,
Collaboration, Bright White, Furthermore, Do You Wonder, and Transcendence. The Phillips' catalog features a treasure chest of music jewels, including Stevie Winwood keyboards to lush orchestration by Elton John's legendary orchestrator Paul Buckmaster, and major motion film score maestro's Peter R. Robinson and Michael Kamen.

All 8 CDs can be purchased now via the internet at

Remaining Phillips albums to be re-released are: Faces, Rumpelstiltskin's Resolve, Spaced, and Beyond Here Be Dragons.

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