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photo above courtesy
of Le Soleil

Shawn Phillips with members of the Gateway Philharmonic Orchestra

Going Places Open Your Eyes review

Read about Shawn's lifetime achievement award

Shawn Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Splashy Fen 1994

On Shawn's 1994 SA tour 20 of 23 concerts sell out!   Shawn Phillips was the first American artist to play

 at the Splashy Fen

Hadeda was #23 on the charts
on 7 June 2004!

Second Contribution receives a
fifth gold album from Universal Music,
South Africa in 2005.


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April 2007 Shawn Phillips Interview, Rick Landers, Modern Guitars Magazine English
June 2006 Out of Africa:  Shawn Phillips on His First U.S. Tour in Four Years, Brian Baker, Cleveland Free Times English
May 2006 Voir Quebec:  La Melodie du Bonheur French
May 2006 le Journal de Montreal: Le retour du Texan en terre d'adoption French
May 2006 La mélodie du bonheur French
May 2006 Le Nouvelliste Le Maquisart concert review French
May 2006 Le second souffle d’un chansonnier, Kathleen Lavoie Le Soleil French
April 2006 Le Nouvelliste: Shawn Phillips est en spectacle ce soir au Maquisart de Trois-Rivières French
April 2006 LitNet: KlankKas, The real musician's musician, Vince Pinaar English
FEB 2006 Shawn Phillips Contribution and Second Contribution and the unresolved trilogy by Todd Whitesel,  Goldmine Magazine English
JAN 2006 Baby boy brings a new harmony into songwriter's life by Jeane Viall, Cap Argus English
MAY 2005 Shawn Phillips torna a Positano (concert review May 22, 2005) Italian Italian
MAY 2005 Shawn Phillips:  Aria for the Common Man by Anyd Whitman, Paste Magazine English
JAN 2005 Singer's Case in Cops Hands English
DEC 2004 Shawn Phillips Hits Sour Note English
DEC 2004 Sefan Adomat, "I was worried to come here" concert review d'Oveste, Berlin, 5. + 6.11.04, Berlin (Deutch) German
NOV 2004 Kieler Nachrichten:  Zum Greifen nah:  Shawn Phillips war in der Waldschaenke zu erleben (Kiel concert review) German
NOV 2004 Shawn Phillips 2004 Europäische Konzert Tour German
NOV 2004  Rock und Popmuseum appearance German
FEB 2004 SA Rock Digest #235 - Hadeda Press Release English
NOV 2003 KGSR Broadcasts vol 11 released English
SEP 2003 Tonight Rock of Stages interview English
SEP 2003 Going Places Open Your Eyes review English
SEP 2003 Shawn Phillips appears with  Gateway Philharmonic Orchestra English
JUL 2003 K.L.O.D. e-zine English
APR 2003 Utica Observer-Dispatch English
APR 2003 The Electric Company English
APR 2003 Freetime Magazine English
APR 2003 Rochester City-News English
APR 2003 Rochester ,Democrat and Chronicle English
JAN 2003 Daily Star (Lebanon - English) English
JAN 2003 L'Orient Le Jour (Lebanon - French) French
OCT2002 Evan MIlton, World Online English
AUG 2002 IOL An African-American Love Affair English
AUG 2002 The Herald English
AUG 2002 Die Burger (South Africa) English
AUG 2002 Second Visitation Dispatch (South Africa) English
AUG 2002 The Star Tonight (South Africa) English
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? 2002 Shawn Phillips interview by Dave Hyde All Ages Zine English
DEC 2001 "Shawn of a New Day" City Beat, Cincinnati, Ohio English
Jun 2001 SoundStage!  Serendipity Judging by the Cover English
JUN 2001 Kerrville Folk Festival by Kathleen Hurd for English
JUN 2001 ...and I am an ethereal girl  Music Review:  Shawn Phillips English
Jan 2001 (Russian) Russian
DEC 2000 Let it Rock Interview English
MAY 2000 Star TV live Interview -- Montreal (video) English
MAY 2000 Texas Troubadour Phillips Plays to Loyal Quebec Fans-- English
APR 2000 Quebec Loves Shawn Phillips, The Gazette Montreal, 4/15/2000 English
APR 2000 Shawn Receives Lifetime Achievement Award in Montreal, 4/17/2000 from Universal Music English
JAN 2000 Discoveries Magazine "Shawn Phillips: Ignored Talent?" (PDF document) January 2000, Issue #140 English
FEB 2000 Houston Press Online English
FEB 1999 Dirty Linen  "Shaking Out the Sheets" by Lahri Bond
February/March 1999, Issue #80
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1999 Electric MInds   "On a Rock and Roll Fire Truck" English
1998 Shawn sets an all time attendance record! English
NOV 1998 CD Re-Release Media Release, - English English
NOV 1998 CD Re-Release Media Release, - French French
 JUN 1998 Music Emporium Debut English
1998 Salute to Bob Foreman English
JUN 1998 CD Re-Release June 2, 1998 English
1998 Wounded Bird Records English
MAR 1998 An interview with Shawn on the subject of Yoga, by Diane K Perone English
1997 1re Edition - 20th Anniversary tour French
1994 Bloomington Sun - Resident to witness SA's move to a democratic society English
mid 90's Electric Minds English




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